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The Streams Learning Hub is a co-learning space for teens in central Bristol.

The Hub provides a flexible space for young people (~12+) to gather and learn together in our workshops and events, or to connect with online providers and learn together. 

The Hub is a place where innovative learning experiences can be enjoyed and developed;  a community of life long, life wide, life deep learners.

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We are building our community through Heartbeat; a space to chat, share events, updates and upcoming workshops - plus info on how to book regular and ad-hoc sessions. Get in touch if you'd like to be part of the community

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About Us

Our mission is to create a safe and nurturing environment rich in learning opportunities enabling young people to pursue their passions and discover a deep sense of self.

To encourage, equip and connect young people giving them access to an ecosystem of real world opportunities and interest driven learning from a physical location embedded in a city wide network. 

Our pilot started in September 2023 - come journey with us, stay connected or share your thoughts with us.


Belong to a safe co-learning space,

be inspired by different learning

opportunities & pathways, linked to city wide & global experiences & opportunities


Be part of a growing community of innovators, pioneers & dreamers through networking, story & resource-sharing events.

Join & explore with us what the future of education could look like.

We are not a school, nor do we intend to be one.

Our part-time learning community is for teenagers not in school.

Our out-of-school setting supports parents by supplementing the learning taking place at home and elsewhere. Whilst much learning takes place at the Hub,

the responsibility for providing a full-time education remains with the parents.

We are members of the Out of School Alliance and grateful for the support they offer.

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Our Partners

For the pilot year we will be nomadic and we will be utilising community assets and local businesses to provide spaces for our workshops and co-learning space to grow and thrive.

The big dream is to have our own space, a space that can be co-designed with young people and enable a wider range of learning opportunities as well as a chilled hang out space and co-working space for members.  

Over the pilot year the Hub team will be seeking a space in central Bristol.  

We are committed to the vision and finding the Hub a home.

Connect with us if you know a space we could use.   

We have further support from our global ecosystem of partner universities, SMEs, industry leaders and learning providers. Our partners are growing in number, all excited by the vision. Interested in joining us? Send us a message and say hello! 

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We would love to hear your thoughts and connect with you if you would like to join our community and get involved.

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