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Our fees and how to make a booking

In line with our values our heart is to be transparent and honest, so that is where we begin on our journey with our community. We are self-funding and have set ourselves this year to establish a sustainable financial model. We anticipate that as a team we will not get paid, thus enabling the pilot season.

We aim to create a community that is accessible to all and has generosity embedded at the core. Therefore, we are piloting a 'pay what you can' model, our fees are set based on feedback we received from a questionnaire we completed with the Bristol home ed community. We valued this feedback, thank you to those who completed it.  ​We are inspired by people who encourage us to think about our world systems differently, Charles Eisenstein explores doing our economic system differently so that all can flourish - we encourage you to watch his video

Our fees for January - March 2024 are:

          £30 Standard full day rate

          £20 Minimum 'pay what you can' full day rate

​Please email us directly if you need the discounted pay what you can rate. 

Making a booking

We are using Kids Club HQ to take bookings as it is Ofsted compliant and enables us to hold young people's data securely and create a simple booking system for this pilot season. You can find a user guide here. 

Screenshot 2023-09-07 at 12.50.59.png

​Our fees will be reviewed at the end of each term. Please come on this journey with us as we work to establish a sustainable model. We will be working towards establishing partnerships with Bristol City Council as well as applying for grants, if you know any good grants we can apply for, or have time to help us submit an application, please get in touch

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