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Get to Know Us

Our Journey

The idea of the Hub is one which has been evolving over the past seven years; what started with an unplanned exit from mainstream education to home education for Jo's family, led to a growing desire to see innovative learning opportunities embedded in a heart shaped learning community for young people in Bristol. Jo initially explored opening a progressive school in Bristol and was in active conversations with Lumiar and Learn Life. The realities of trying to open an official school became evident and these conversations were simply part of the learning journey. 


Over this time Caroline has been growing Zebera  and her growing passion for innovative learning experiences as well as taking her son out of mainstream education. Fabienne's passion for flourishing education continues in her PhD research at the University of Bristol.  One of her son's chose to step out of mainstream education in 2022 and is now a student at School of Humanity

The Hub idea became a reality when Caroline, Fabienne and Jo all connected at the end of 2022. Together, they have had the privilege of having global conversations with many inspiring pioneers and disruptors of the education system; these conversations have been exploring what would post-industrial education in a tech driven world look like? Some of these have been captured in Fabienne's weekly podcast.

The reality is we don’t know what the future of education looks like, but as a team they are excited to explore the ‘what’ as well as the ‘why’ with young people, educators, parents, researchers, and anyone else who has a niggle of a question that is saying ‘is our education system equipping our young people to be future ready?’


The team are in the early stages of this journey – they invite you join them; they invite your young people to join them, they invite you to share with others…


To create an environment and grow a community which equips young people are future ready, confident and courageous with a deep sense of self and equipped to respond to the challenges the world faces.

We are nomadic in our pilot year utilising community assets but we have a big dream for our own space, a place co-created and designed by the young people enabling our mission to fully develop. 

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Our mission is:

  • To create a safe and nurturing environment rich in learning opportunities, enabling young people to pursue their passions and discover a deep sense of self.

  • To enable passion led learning

  • To learn and grow together from a physical location embedded in a city-wide network

  • To develop a community of life long, life wide, life deep learners.



We're life long, life wide, life deep learners - learning from and with each other.

We are curious about how the world works and our role within it. 



We’re inclusive, we appreciate difference and we know we’re stronger

when we journey together. Community is at the heart of our Hub.


We’re brave, we boldly communicate, we’re willing to be vulnerable 

and we’re prepared to take risks.



We’re true to what we believe, we honour and trust ourselves

and each other. We’re open and honest with our successes and our failures.

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A huge thank you to one of our partners, Mosaic for helping us with AI image generation and teaching us how to do it!
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