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Language Cafe

We have beginner and post beginner French and intermediate Spanish workshops led by language students at the University of Bristol and supported by Fabienne. Learn through an immersive language experience and link to our Duolingo classroom to continue the fun at home.

Location: The Orange Tree Hub

Timings: 1030 arrive for a 1045 start - 1pm

Dates for Spring term - Wednesday:

17th January - 7th February

half term break 14th February

21st February - 27th March

Facilitators: Fabienne, Martha, Bea & Rosie


Cost: £15

Any questions for Fabienne (particularly around levels) please email

Some learners are keen to be with us for the whole Wednesday; join our Language Cafe in the morning and then stay for the day to work on their own projects with support and facilitation from one of the team (e.g. we trialled this recently and Caroline was able to spend 20 mins with one of our learners to help them with a maths challenge they were stuck on.)  

Book in for both sessions and stay for lunch 1-2pm. Remember to bring lunch!


Supported Self-Directed Study

A space for learners to bring their own projects, where self directed study is encouraged, the team will be onsite to answer questions, to clarify goals for session, keep learners focused and help them when they get stuck. 

Location: The Orange Tree Hub

Timings:  145pm - 415pm

Dates for Spring term - Wednesday:

17th January - 7th February

half term break 14th February

21st February - 27th March

Facilitators: Fabienne, Jo & Caroline


Cost: £15



Independent Co-learning Space

There are many online school learners who would love to work somewhere other than home and meet other teens. The Hub will be open for learners to come work, step into their zoom and complete their own studies.

Location: The Orange Tree Hub

Timings: Hub Open from 10am until 5pm

Dates for Spring term - Wednesday:

17th January - 7th February

half term break 14th February

21st February - 27th March

Team on-site: Fabienne, Jo & Caroline


Cost: £10 - 3 hours, £20 up to  6 hours - you will need to choose the club for the day you wish to book.

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Global Goals workshop

Once a month we are collaborating with the Global Goals Centre in Bristol where their team will lead a two hour workshops into the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how we can allow them to shape our own lives. 

Suitable for ages 10+

Location: The Global Goals Centre Bristol

Timings: 1:30 - 3:30pm

Dates & Topics - Wednesday:

31st January

Field to Wardrobe: discover where your clothes come from and how they were made. Explore our Fashion Department and find out about ways of supporting more equitable clothing manufacture for people and planet. Opportunity to practice your mending skills.

28th February

Migration: find out about some of the creative people living in Bristol who are immigrants and asylum seekers. Learn about their journeys and how art can be used as a refuge and exhibited at Sparks. Add your own piece of art to a collective exhibit.

27th March

Food: what’s the difference between a beef burger, a plant based burger and a bug burger? How does their production impact climate, health and animal welfare. These are some of the questions we explore through the Sparks Food Department, before considering who needs to take action and how we can get their attention.

24th April

Active Transport: how can being active help people and planet? Explore the benefits of different modes of travel to Sparks and think about activities that will make a difference.

22nd May

Biodiversity: what’s your favourite plant or animal? Can you find them in Sparks? How is biodiversity represented in store? Be a palm oil detective and find out more about how we can support our biodiversity – taking with you a seed bomb kit.

26th June

Help solve a real world problem! A design sprint challenge embedded within the UN Sustainable Development Goals, led by Caroline as a Zebera style workshop. 



Team: The Global Goals Education team are leading these workshops, except the last one which will be led by Caroline.  


Cost: £10 per session,

All these sessions will link to the online offering we have with our partner Lyfta. Explore Lyfta & Streams online offering


These sessions are drop off, however parents welcome to stay if they feel their child needs them to do so. 


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