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Summer Term Programme 

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We continue to offer a modular workshop plan, inviting our young people to join us for the workshops they are interested in.  We are working hard behind the scenes to keep opening up learning opportunities across the city, exploring our growing vision of Bristol becoming a City of Learning. Our wider partnerships continue with the Science Creates Outreach team and with online provider Lyfta.  Plus, we are enjoying opportunities to collaborate with the team at The MoSAIC and having an intern from University of Bristol facilitating our Language Cafe.  During this pilot year we continue to enjoy using Jamaica Street Studios 'Kit Form' space and the Orange Tree Hub to meet whilst actively exploring finding our own space. All our sessions are aimed at young people age 12+ .


Our term dates for the summer term are: 

15th April – 24th May 
Mid term break

3rd June – 28th June


Over July we are exploring running some pop up workshops with different collaborators and learning opportunities. 
August full break for team with no workshops.   In the 2024/4 academic year we 
 will continue growing the Hub and creating learning opportunities for teenagers not in school - stay connected through our newsletter for more information.

Our Autumn term information:

The week commencing 9th September we will have some drop in sessions . Workshops will commence:

16th September - 25th October

Mid term break

4th November - 13th December


Our full days run 10:45am - 4:15pm

Mornings are 10:45am - 1pm

Afternoons 1:45pm - 4:15pm

For full details please click on the sessions below.


The Hub workshops and city wide opportunities are to support parents whose children are not in full time school by supplementing the learning taking place at home and elsewhere. Whilst we offer some wonderful learning opportunities in the Hub, the responsibility for providing a full-time education remains with the parents.

Our community is growing and we are always open to new young people joining us.   For our regular workshops we are always keen to meet potential new learners to ensure we can welcome them well into our community.  

So if you are booking for the first time, please reach out and say hello.  

If your young person has SEN then it is essential we have a conversation before you book,

we are a small team and need to ensure we can support your young person well.

Email us to say hello. 


If you would like to learn more about our team and collaborators - you can read here.

To discover more about these workshops - click on the workshop heading.

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Our creative workshops offer different learning opportunities; Bex facilitates these workshops supported by Matt and Jo, sometimes we have a local artist come and lead the session. The focus is for creative skills to be developed and confidence to be grown.

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We currently have beginners and intermediate French and Spanish workshops led by language student at the University of Bristol and supported by Fabienne and Bex. Learn through an immersive language experience.

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These workshops are currently on pause, we hope to restart them in the future. 

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Join our drama workshops with Weronika. Her workshops interweave drama games, improvisation challenge and collaborative projects. Her sessions are dynamic, fun and confidence building.


A space for learners to bring their own projects, where self directed study is encouraged, the team will be onsite to answer questions, keep learners focused and help them when they get stuck. 

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Explore the world with Lyfta’s immersive learning platform with new storyworlds released each month. There is an option to join Fabienne on zoom once a month to explore learning and being a global citizen. Watch here to learn more.


Opportunity to explore different learning opportunities within Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths plus Entrepreneurship. These workshops are interactive and project based led by Caroline and Matt. 


There are many online school learners who would love to work somewhere other than home and meet other teens. The Hub is open for learners to come work, step into their online sessions and complete their own studies.

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Come join our workshop in the Learning Lab at the Old Market Science Creates incubator, led by the Science Creates Outreach team in collaboration with one of the amazing innovative companies in residence. 


We are using Kids Club HQ to take bookings as it is Ofsted compliant and enables us

to hold young people's data securely and create a simple booking system for this pilot season.

You can find a user guide here. 

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Our Parent Community

We have a growing parent community - come join us for a drink, to share stories and encourage each other on our journeys. Many parents whose children are joining us in the Hub have had a difficult journey with school and often feel isolated. We are not alone!

Our gatherings are at The Artist Residence in central Bristol. 

Next date:
Tuesday 21st May 


from 715pm - come drop in and join us!


Information on Heartbeat.



We also host a regular zoom drop in for any prospective parents & carers who want to know more about what the Hub offers. Please join us for an informal conversation and ask any questions you might have about the team, our ethos and how the hub works.

Next date:
Thursday 18th April 7-8pm
Thursday 23rd May 7-8pm

Please sign up through Heartbeat our parent community platform. It is helpful to know you are planing to attend.

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