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We are excited to be bringing together both online and in person providers of amazing learning opportunities for teenagers, parents and educators. This page is dynamic and will keep changing as new collaborators come join us and add their offerings. We are always keen to connect with others, if you know anyone who would be able to offer a learning experience within the Hub (or online) then please connect them to one of the team.

ZEBERA Design & Innovation

Be an innovator and solve real world problems.

We help young people identify innovative, viable product ideas that make a positive impact on the world. We also support young designers to develop their initial prototype into a viable product.

School of Humanity Logo

School of Humanity

School of Humanity is a breakthrough online high school reinventing education. Instead of exams, students learn through real-world projects. Instead of a standardized curriculum, students learn through personalized learning journeys. Instead of memorization, students focus on developing skills, networks, and portfolios. The Hub offers hybrid learning opportunities for SOH students and opportunity to co-work together. 

Flourishing Logo

Flourishing Education

Flourishing Education will run workshops for educators to explore with them how to support and enable a student to flourish. These dynamic interactive workshops will also explore how as an educator you can create a flourishing community in which your students can thrive.  If this resonates with you get in touch: 

CAS Logo

City as a School

City as a School offers a network of micro-schools and online classes led by inspiring experts to build real world skills. Get hand's on support in classes of 3-12 learners or book 1-on-1 tutor sessions to improve your creative copy writing, programming, digital design, game design, photography and much more. The Hub will offer a space for CAS students to come learn together and opportunity for CAS in-person workshops.

Wild Learning Logo

Wild Learning

WILD Learning offers students an opportunity to discover their learning power, understanding the skills they already have and areas for further development. Their innovative programme can be navigated by the student either solo or with a learning guide. 

Streams stamp.png

Streams Home Education

Streams is an online community of homes educators, a space to explore reviews of resources and read encouraging stories. As Streams continues to grow workshops will be offered to support and grow the home ed community it Bristol; workshops for home ed parents and also their children. 

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VictoryXR - VR experiences

VictoryXR has incredible VR learning labs - step into the human body. We have 5 VR sets and licenses to explore the fantastic learning experiences Victory offers. 

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Science Creates Outreach

Science Creates has two Bristol based deep tech science incubators. At the Old Market Incubator there is a lab specifically designed for young people. In partnership with the Hub the Science Creates team will offer in person dynamic science sessions, opportunity for hands on learning as well as meeting some of the exciting innovators who work in the labs. 

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Brilliant offers online courses in Maths, Science and Computer Science. Brilliant creates a culture of learning around inquiry, curiosity, and openness to failure. All of our courses are written with these principles of learning in mind.
The Hub has its own classroom and students can step in and direct their own learning in these innovative sessions. 

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Our Creative Community 

OCC provides affordable and funded creative classes in architecture and art to students of all ages and abilities. ​  OCC is passionate about opening up the study of architecture, and other creative subjects, to their students to allow them insight into a 'hidden' professions. OCC's  hope is that our classes can bring the world of design closer to our students so that it becomes as ordinary as a Maths or English class. 
OCC are excited to be partnering with the Hub and offering classes in the space.

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Bristol Ideas: Festival of Future Cities

There are exciting conversations underway with Bristol Ideas and incorporating the Hub into the Festival of Future Cities in October. Creating a space for students to engage with this exciting festival and join the discussions about the future of our cities. 

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Children's University

We are excited to be partnering with the Children's University which enables young people to access accredited learning opportunities, workshops as well as capture their own learning journeys.  

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